Marshall Bluesbreaker 2 how to get the best sound
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Marshall Bluesbreaker 2

Learning To Use The Marshall Bluesbreaker

The Marshall Bluesbreaker 2 is a simple pedal to use but you need to know what it’s real forte is and where best to use it. If you thought Marshall just made amplification, then think again. With a retro styling, this pedal is a thing of beauty. Well it is at the start, but guitarists like clicking this stomp box so much, it soon takes some heavy punishment. If you think that the pedal was just an overdrive you’d be wrong. The Marshall Bluesbreaker 2 is two pedals in one. It offers overdrive and it offers boost. In this HD video lesson, Gary Clinton from GMI – Guitar & Music Institute, will discuss the second ability of the pedal; boost.


Gary will explain and demonstrate how a booster will help you in your soloing. First of all, he talks about what boost does. In effect, a boost or booster pedal does not effect the actual sound signal that is emanated from your guitar. This is an important point to understand. You are only using the pedal to increase the overall gain of the signal, not change it. Gary will also go over the various knobs found on the Bluesbreaker 2 and show you how best to mix the sounds together.


This pedal is not currently available to buy on Amazon, however, there are plenty Marshall Bluesbreaker 2 pedals on Ebay and at really low prices, so check them out. 

Due to the nature of the guitar technology category, there are no downloads available for this video.

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