How to edit a line 6 FM4
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Line 6 FM4 Guitar Synthesis

Getting The Most From The Line 6 FM4

Synthesis, let’s be honest is not for every guitarist. It’s for many a strange and weird world and a million miles away from distortion, digital delay or chorus. The sounds created through the use of synthesis and guitar pedals such as the Line 6 FM4 are for a special breed of guitar player. This is a pedal for players who are interested in sound and it’s use. In this lesson Gary Clinton demonstrates just some of the sounds that the Line 6 FM4 is capable of as well as helping you understand how the controls of the unit actually work.

What Does The Lesson Cover?

Gary covers all the bases with regards to the settings, knobs and capabilities of the pedal. He shows how the pedal knobs change as different modes are used. As well as this, he demonstrates a wide range of sounds from the extensive list of possibilities the the effects box has within it. The main point to remember about this lesson which is nearly fourteen minutes in length is that this lesson covers just a small part of what is capable with this effects box.


This is a legacy pedal, but you can still pick one up on Ebay, so if you like the sound of this pedal, grab yourself a bargain!

Due to the nature of the guitar technology category, there are no downloads available for this video.

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