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Live guitar chord melody lessons

Live Lesson: Creating A Jazz Chord Melody Arrangement

In this lesson, Ged Brockie will discuss and demonstrate how to arrange a jazz standard for solo guitar. Ged also plays an improvised version of "Have You Met Miss Jones" at the end of this lesson which demonstrates many of the ideas and concepts discussed ...
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guitar arrangement for streets of London

Live Lesson: Arranging Ideas For Streets of London – folk guitar

Streets of London by Ralph McTell is an evergreen song that people from all generation love. Ged Brockie discusses the chords behind the melody, how to use and expand upon them to best effect beyond those notated in most chord charts. Often thought of as ...
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Solo jazz chord melody guitar lesson

Live Lesson: Learn A Completely Improvised Jazz Guitar Arrangement Of “Out of Nowhere”

Virtuoso jazz guitarist Nigel Clark gives a brief discussion on his jazz guitar chord melody style. The "off the cuff" arrangement of "Out of Nowhere" by Green/Hayman that Nigel plays, has been faithfully notated in both music and TAB for you to download, practice and ...
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creative arpeggios for guitar lesson

Live Lesson: Creative Arpeggios

This lesson was originally recorded as a webinar around 7 years ago, however, the content is very strong and will give you a lot of ideas around the formation and practice of arpeggios. Ged Brockie demonstrates and explains how arpeggios can be used all over ...
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Live Guitar Lesson Overjoyed Stevie Wonder

Live Lesson: Overjoyed Solo Guitar – Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is without doubt one of the most significant song writers of the 20th century. The sheer quality as well as quantity of new material alone that he has composed over many decades makes him a stand out performer Although he has written many ...
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