Turborat distortion pedal
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TurboRAT Distortion Pedal

Turbo Rat Delivers A Truly Massive Sound

Gary Clinton is as enthusiastic a guitar player as you’ll meet. Even we were surprised, however, when he was demonstrating and playing with the Pro Co Turbo Rat. When he starts opening up this little beauty of a stomp box, the smile is all over his face. If you’ve never heard of the Turbo Rat before then you are in for a treat. This small effects pedal really does pack a powerful punch in the field of sonic smashups.

Is The Pedal Hard To Use?

The simple and straightforward answer to that question is a definite no. As you can see on the initial thumbnail of the video it’s more or less idiot proof. Many guitarist just like to turn it up and let it melt the faces of the audience. Despite this temptation, Gary does take time to show you some subtle uses of the controls and what they can achieve. The Turbo Rat may not be the most well known effects pedal in the world, but it surely has to be one of the loudest!


Since we recorded this video, TurboRAT has gone through a few changes. Here is one of their latest iterations of the TurboRAT sound. Find out detailed information and pricing at Amazon by clicking the image below. GMI will receive a small affiliate fee for any purchases made by clicking the image below which helps with the running of this website.

Due to the nature of the guitar technology category, there are no downloads available for this video.

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