Learning the Boss SD-1
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Boss SD1 Distortion Pedal

Are you thinking about or already own a Boss SD1 pedal? This pedal, the SD stand for super overdrive, is one of Boss’s best selling guitar pedals of a time. It’s compact, rugged and it has controls that are easy to understand and use. Find out how to get the very best from this stalwart of an effects box by watching the video below.

The Boss super overdrive pedal is a huge seller. When people consider buying a pedal, this is one of the first ones that they will consider. It’s rugged, easy to use and understand. Or is it? GMI – Guitar & Music Instructor Gary Clinton puts the pedal through it’s paces here on GMI Premium.

So, why is this pedal so popular? It’s relatively cheap, it’s easy to use and it is capable of creating some great overdrive sounds. Many guitarists swear by it. The Boss Super Overdrive pedal has some heavy competition and we will be looking at a lot of them in our other Guitar Pedals Course.


Gary will be looking at two areas. How to use the various controls individually. He will also explain how to use the controls together for best effect. The aim of this entire pedal course is to give you not just an overview, but an idea of how to best use one and many pedals in combination. That is why this course will also be considering guitar pedal order. Understanding guitar pedal order and how best to direct the signal is crucial to creating an amazing sound.

For now though, you are going to learn about the tone, level and drive knobs work together and Gary will demonstrate the various ways of combining the sounds together.


Thinking about purchasing the Boss SD-1? It’s without doubt one of the biggest selling pedals in the world. Find out detailed information and pricing at Amazon by clicking the image below. GMI will receive a small affiliate fee for any purchases made by clicking the image below which helps with the running of this website.

Due to the nature of the guitar technology category, there are no downloads available for this video.

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