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Korg DT10 Tuner

Using The Korg Tuner DT 10

If you find tuning the guitar a real problem then the korg tuner we’d like you to check out is the Korg DT 10. Learning to tune the guitar without electronic aids is a great skill to have, there’s no doubt about it. In many occasions, though, it helps to have some help in the form of a stomp box. The Korg DT 10 is a low cost solution that is incredibly easy to use. It’s more or less a plug and play guitar effects box. However, there are a couple of things you should also know about guitar tuning devices.

The Korg DT 10 is a Chromatic Tuner

One thing that you need to watch out with when buying or using a guitar tuner is if it’s chromatic or not. Cheaper units are actually tuned into the guitar strings as set E-A-D-G-B-E. This is fine for most musical scenarios, but it can be limiting. For example, what about a drop D tuning? Or, what if you want to play with altered tuning. There can also be problems with non chromatic tuners if for example, you are closer to one note than the other. It will give a false reading to a note that you are not actually trying to tune.

GMI – Guitar & Music Institute guitarist Gary Clinton demonstrates exactly how to use this Korg DT 10 tuner. He gives you plenty of advice about using the device as well as some insights on how to get the most from it.


This is a legacy pedal, but you can still pick one up on Ebay, so if you like the sound of this pedal, grab yourself a bargain!

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