buy or build a guitar pedalboard?
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Buy Or Build A Pedalboard?

The Pedaltrain Terra 42 – It’s A Bit Of A Beast

The Pedaltrain Terra 42 is a BIG pedalboard. It’s also pretty expensive. This article is all about why you should consider buying a pre-built pedalboard rather than building your own. It’s often very tempting to consider building your own pedalboard. For most people, they consider what a pedalboard is and it’s just basically a board for your pedals. Hopefully this video will help you to reconsider if you’re wanting a board for your pedals and you think you can solve your problems by building your own.

We had a few audio issues when recording this video as we were trying out a shotgun microphone that did not give us the results we hoped for. Everything is understandable, it’s just not as clear as our other videos.

CONSIDERING BUYING A Pedaltrain Terra 42?

If you have liked what you see as Gary Clinton took you through the features of the Terra 42, then click Pedaltrain to see a range of their products or click the image below to view at their Amazon store.. GMI will receive a small affiliate fee for any purchases made by clicking the image below which helps with the running of this website.

Due to the nature of the guitar technology category, there are no downloads available for this video.

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