Electro Harmonix micro synth
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The Electro Harmonic Microsynth

Exploring The Electro Harmonix Micro Synth

The Electro Harmonix Micro Synth is a bit of a beast, just as Gary Clinton, GMI’s guitar tutor explains at the beginning of the video. It can be used as just a distortion pedal believe it or not. To use it in this way would be missing the point though.

What Does The Lesson Cover?

Gary gives a detailed overview of the just what is possible from the Harmonix synth. Synthesizers are not for all guitarists. Most guitarists love the sound of the guitar without effects. This pedal was made for people who want to delve into almost a sound design world with their guitar.

The connection to the Harmonix box is simply through a jack which you will see in the HD video shown above. Gary talks about the controls found on the box which include the “Trigger”, “Voice Sweep”, “Attack Delay” and “Filter Sweep”. As mentioned in the commentary, for most guitarists, as soon as the filter sweep is mentioned they make a quick exit. Gary shows in simple steps what is possible as the actual controls of the synth are not hard to either understand or use.  You will also here a large selection of sounds demonstrated and you will also see where the controls are placed to get these sounds.


This is a legacy pedal, but you can still pick one up on Ebay, so if you like the sound of this pedal, grab yourself a bargain!

Due to the nature of the guitar technology category, there are no downloads available for this video.

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