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Learning The Patterns
Many people learn just one pentatonic scale, however, there are five that, when learned, give you complete coverage of the neck.
Root Notes
Although theory can be a little daunting, there is no doubt that by learning at least some basic ideas and concepts around the practical playing side can pay dividends. This lesson explains the power of root notes and why you should learn them.
Learning To Play Licks
Now you will learn how to take the F minor pentatonic patterns and use them to create lick ideas for improvisation across the guitar neck.
Getting Into The Detail
In this lesson, Gary looks to dive in deeper to the practicalities of playing five different patterns across the neck. You'll learn how to identify various patterns and understand the tuning of the guitar and how it changes the patterns.
Changing Keys
If you have followed the five lessons in this course then you should be well versed in playing all over the neck in one key.
Learning Minor Pentatonic Scales
About Lesson

    Knowing the five main pentatonic minor scales can be confusing but it’s absolutely necessary if you want complete coverage of the entire guitar neck. In this first lesson, Gary will explain and demonstrate the five pentatonic patterns that are used by guitarists of all styles.

    You will see how the F minor pentatonic is played up the length of the entire fretboard.

    Gary will demonstrate each pattern and you will also see a split screen showing Gary’s commentary, a close up of his guitar neck and the pattern used.

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