Triadic Invention

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Triadic Inventions costs $50 – buy a monthly subscription cost = $20

Do you crave the ability to create more interesting chord progressions and harmony? Stuck writing with the same four chords? Want to upgrade your technique? All can be remedied with the right use of the humble triad..

Too often overlooked and ignored, triads allow guitar players to reach new levels of playing. The theory is easy to understand and you will be able to use triads in your playing in minutes!

My course ‘Triadic Invention’ takes you through the basic chord shapes and inversions as well as the theory behind triad voicings. It then demonstrates how triads can be used as a harmonisation tool in many different musical contexts. Most importantly, I will be showing you how to play my piece ‘Triad Study’ which utilises all the information inside this course.

Lessons will include downloadable pdfs and mp3 files to supplement your learning. There will also be the opportunity to submit videos of your playing for my feedback. You will also be able able to get in contact with me directly if you have any questions.

Want to upgrade your playing today? Enrol in my course and learn the secrets that guitar greats like Pat Metheny and Antoine Boyer have in their toolkit.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will grow your understanding of major and minor spread triads across the fretboard
  • You will develop your string skipping abilities and left hand dexterity
  • You will learn how to use spread triads to create more engaging harmony
  • You will learn how to play my original composition ‘Triad Study’

Course Content

Lesson 1: Introduction to triads
This lessons outlines the entire course and includes a demonstration of ‘Triad Study’, the end goal of Triadic Invention. Furthermore, this lesson includes a theoretical explanation of ‘Open’ vs ‘Closed’ triads. Why do we use ‘open’ or ‘spread’ triads as opposed to ‘closed’ triads? What do ‘spread’ triads allow us to do? This lesson is supplemented with two pdf files which include all A major and minor spread triads across the fretboard. Good luck!

Lesson 2: Harmonising a major scale
This lesson shows you how you can use spread triads in route position and inversions to harmonise a major scale.

Lesson 3: Triading the blues
This lesson instructs on how triads can be used in a blues setting. Bet you never would have thought of that, eh? This is a useful resource for developing your ability to play spread triads as chords. I.e. playing all three notes simultaneously.

Lesson 4: Triad pairs
This is where it gets real. This lessons explains that when major triads are used to their fullest potential, players can create cinematic atmospheres with their composition and improvisation.

Lesson 5: Learn to play study
This is what all your hard work has led up to. Triad Study includes all the theory and technique that you have been working on throughout this course. We will be diving into the technique behind this piece of music and running through it bar by bar. Buckle up!

Lesson 6: Triad study harmonic analysis
This lesson takes you through the theory behind Triad Study. How I wrote it, and how you can employ the theory behind it. Thanks for sticking around.

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