How To Play Barre Chords

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    What Will You Learn?

    • This course is free and featured five lessons that will teach you what barre chords are and how to play them.
    • You will learn about the chromatic scale and how it is used in barre chords.
    • In lesson one Gary explains how the chromatic scale is used so you can play any chord in any key. Truly unlocking the power of movable chords.
    • In lesson two you will be introduced to some of the shapes that you will use throughout the course.
    • Lesson three is given over to technical exercises to strengthen your left hand as well as discussing things to watch out for.
    • You will then put all this knowledge together in lesson four where you will learn to play a twelve bar blues.
    • Finally, in lesson five you will be shown how these chords can really work in your favor.
    • You will ultimately learn about root movement and how it works hand in hand with chord progressions. For guitarists, this final lesson is critical to making fast progress.

    Course Content

    Preparation For Playing Barre Chords
    This introductory lesson explains the importance of principle shapes in barre chords and how they interact with the chromatic scale.

    • 01:58
    • F minor pattern assignment (Copy 1)
    • The Five F minor Pentatonic Patterns Quiz. (Copy 1)

    The Chord Shapes You Need To Know
    Lesson two is all about the chord shapes you will use with barre technique to enable you to play any of the chords in any key.

    Technical Exercises To Help You Progress
    Lesson three introduces a range of informative technical exercises for you to practice that will help you make fast progress playing barre chords across the neck.

    Playing 12 Bar With Barre Chords
    Utilizing a 12 bar blues to outline the concept of root movement in two positions on the fretboard.

    Building Familiar Chord Progressions
    Lesson 5 brings together all the material learned in the previous four lessons and uses it to show how we can build a familiar song progression across the entire fretboard.

    GMI Course Certificate

    This is the certificate you will receive on completion of this course.

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