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What Will You Learn?

  • For guitar players who have advanced past the beginner status.
  • Created and taught by guitarist Ross Baird.
  • In this course you'll learn about open string scales, chords, rhythm, transposition, arpeggios, arpeggio practice routines and much more.
  • An incredibly detailed and well paced course which is the bridge between beginners and intermediate to advanced players.

Course Content

Learning Open String Major Scales
This lesson introduces you to five open string scales in five keys, major keys in open position to be precise. The keys addressed are C Major, D Major, G Major, A Major and E Major. This is the first of seven lessons for the advancing guitarist, created for GMI by guitarists Ross Baird.

Learning Chords & Rhythms
Rhythm playing can often be overlooked by guitarists who are starting out in favour of lead lines. What you need to remember is that for a large part of the time, it will be rhythmic accompaniment that will take up your time. These lesson major on rhythmic playing.

Extending Your Chords
The open string chords you start with when beginning to play guitar are really great, however, this lesson shows you how to create new sounds from them. In the second lesson in this topic, Ross shows how to take open string chords up the neck and use in chordal accompaniment. Also how to rename these chords as they move.

Learning How To Use Arpeggios
Flummoxed by arpeggios? Ross Baird takes you through arpeggios, how they are constructed and how to use them.

GMI Course Certificate

This is the certificate you will receive on completion of this course.

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