how to start tapping on the guitar

Learning To Tap On Guitar

A Single Lesson In Three Distinct Parts Theory – learn about how to go about tapping on the guitar and ...
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Learning to play a chromatic scale on guitar

The Chromatic Scale

THE CHROMATIC SCALE - A MUST LEARN! Most guitar players learn a bunch of scales, but the the chromatic scale ...
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how to play the melodic minor scale on guitar

Seven Melodic Minor Scale Patterns

MELODIC MINOR SCALES EXPLAINED Learn seven positions of melodic minor scales giving complete coverage of the neck. These scales are ...
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Learning the Boss DD-5 digital delay pedal

Boss DD-5

Using A Boss DD-5 For Delay And Echo Effects for Guitar Most guitar players are familiar with reverb. Beyond reverb ...
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Playing blues scales on guitar

Blues Scales in 5 Positions

EXTEND YOUR BLUES SCALE GUITAR KNOWLEDGE It’s the blues scale that guitar players gravitate to the most as soon as ...
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Using the Akai Headrush guitar pedal

Akai Headrush

Akai Headrush - Can You Do Without It? There are a number of pedals that are always the top of ...
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Learning to play pull offs and hammer ons on guitar

Fingerstyle Guitar Pull-offs, Hammer-ons, slurs

This final lesson in the fingerstyle series of lessons by James Akers covers the important techniques surrounding slurs. Slurs are ...
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Using the Boss OC-3

Boss OC-3

BOSS OC-3 Guitar Pedal - More Than An Octave Effects Box People sometimes think that the Boss OC-3 is a ...
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Learning to use Line 6 DL4

Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler

Sound Modelling With The Line 6 DL4 If you don't have much of an idea about what sound modelling is ...
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harmonic minor scales for guitar

Seven Harmonic Minor Scale Patterns

THE HARMONIC MINOR SCALE GUITAR PLAYERS LOVE Yes, it’s true, the harmonic minor scale guitar lovers for years have played ...
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How to edit a line 6 FM4

Line 6 FM4 Guitar Synthesis

Getting The Most From The Line 6 FM4 Synthesis, let's be honest is not for every guitarist. It's for many ...
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Using a Marshall Vibratrem

Marshall Vibratrem

The Marshall Vibratrem – It’s Time To Vib Again! You may think that the vibrato pedal has really had it’s ...
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